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( Oct. 11th, 2005 03:30 pm)
I watch a lot of horror movies, and a lot of B-rate horror films.

I will now take this opportunity to tell everyone not to watch "Dead End". Not ever.

Apparently the writers missed the class on plot development, and what it lacked in proper plot development, it couldn't even make up for in gore. I mean, was one liter of corn syrup blood all they had in the budget? And by missing the course on plot development, there was no suspense, because there was no way on earth to see anything coming. The best you can hope for is the sick desire to wonder "Who dies next and how?" and "I bet the girl is the one to make it out alive".

There were some humourous moments, but not enough to justify actually watching the movie. Did I mention I watched the last 50 minutes mainly in fast forward?

The dialogue is so painful, you're really hoping someone will die soon.

You know the obligatory sex scene in b-rate slasher flicks? Replaced by a non-sequitor masturbatory scene in the middle of the woods after the family tries to find help in a cabin. I thought he was going for a tree pee until he pulled out Miss July and Mr Johnson... literally.

The answer to all your questions of "What the fuck just happened" are answered succinctly in a 2 minute segment at the end of the film.

There was no plot, no suspense and no blood.



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