Yesterday I fell quite ill, very suddenly, and recovered just as quick. It felt rather random.

Today, we decided to go ahead with plans to head to the campsite anyhow, and it turned out to be a pretty nice day despite some rain and a douchebag unplugging our fridge sometime in the last month (grr). I fixed the shed, put up the lights in the gazebo, cleaned the fridge (blergh) and set up our new (and very awesome) tent. I went swimming with James, and yes, it was cold, but after a minute James was okay with it, and we swam all the way over to the beach (~0.5km). We had sausages over the fire and some s'mores. James invited himself into the neighbours' yard, and played with their grandkids' toys (they didn't mind).

It was a good day. Now to figure out where to put my parents' tent next week...
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