Gahhh, I hate my doctor, but I'm not allowed to shop for a doctor, because if I have a doctor, tough luck, even if he is totally incompetent. I mean, seriously, I can't figure out what would happen to me if I didn't have the extensive knowledge of basic medicine.

So in case you missed the memo, I'm pregnant again.

I went into my family doctor, because you need doctors to confirm a pregnancy or some junk (because tender breasts and morning sickness aren't definitive). So anyhow, I go in, he's like "home pregnancy tests are pretty reliable", doesn't verify the results, and sends me for bloodwork. I ask him at the same time to make a referral to the high risk unit. I then have to explain that it's because I have Lupus and like 5 other things that contribute to the degrees of high risk. He's not sure if he should make the referral for a few more weeks, but finally decides to do so.

I get a phone call last week from my doctor's office, and when I called back, they informed me that my referral was rejected. Say what? I mean, it's not like I really enjoy being "high risk", spending $14/week on parking to go hang out for 3 hours to be told everything's awesome, but I acknowledge that statistically, crap can go so life-threatening and hideously wrong, that I'm willing to do it.

I am then told that *I* have to call the high risk unit. Fine.

I call, I get through to a nurse, who then proceeds to give me a long spiel on their procedures, and she assures me that it was reviewed by a doctor, and after 5 minutes, I finally manage to cut her off and explain that I am not questioning their procedures, but, frankly, my doctor is incompetent and I would really like to know what he wrote on the referral. She tells me he didn't really write a lot, and that "Fibromyalgia" was the only thing listed on the referral. The nurse then proceeded to explain that they've recently reviewed their admission criteria, and even patients who were seen before will not be seen in subsequent pregnancies. I cut her off again and said "I have Lupus". Her tone changed immediately to "Tell your doctor to write exactly that on the referral, and watch him do it, make sure it is legible, and here is the fax number in case he can't figure that out either. You might want to watch him do that too."

Lupus still gets you an automatic trip to the high risk unit - if your doctor can manage to do something as basic as write out a referral.

I mean seriously, if I didn't know what I was doing, where would that leave me?

I now feel totally vindicated for getting my rheumatologist to make the referral when I was pregnant with James, because now I know I was right - my doctor would have fucked it up.
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