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( Aug. 7th, 2005 10:55 am)
I beat Primal!! Yay!

Surprisingly, the hardest fight of the game was not the 5 stage bossfight. Now to go back and collect all the Tarot cards so I can unlock bonus scenes. Does Louis live or die?

But now that I've achieved a sort of completion there, I will continue to edit a bit. Maybe write. Clean. Do laundry. Food... I should eat food. A mint and a swig of juice doesn't count as food.

I can't sleep anymore. It's stupid. I was tired, went to go to sleep, head hit the pillow and I wanted to make art. Fuck. So I tried to push it aside, and I guess I fell asleep because I was awoken by being smattered with exploding chimpanzee goo. Yes, that is what I dreamed. Chimpanzee explosion, along with the art I should have been making which was totally unrelated to monkeys.



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