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( Feb. 2nd, 2009 07:53 pm)
I was concerned about James' fever and so I took him to CHEO today because he's not himself. I had to deal with a resident that was a bit of a douche, but it turns out James has pneumonia. And a stomach bug. James is not a happy camper.

Explanation on the douchery: My family doctor's theory is that I, as a mother, don't really need to take a temperature to know my child has a fever, and you know what, she's right. Mom's may not get an instruction manual, but they get the touch of fever sensing. Anyhow, the resident at CHEO starting giving me a hard time because I brought him to the hospital without ever taking his temperature. "Did he not have a temperature when he got here?" "Well, yes" "Was his temperature not 39.4C?" "Well, yes" "Then does it matter?" "Umm..." and he continued to give me instructions on how to take his temperature orally. "You're not a dad are you?" "Umm... no" "Because you can't convince a 1-year-old to keep anything under his tongue".

Anyhow, I'm home with James tomorrow. Josh is staying home with him Wednesday while I learn to write a Business Use Case.


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