1. Be debt free again (aside from normal things, like a mortgage)
  2. Own a house that I can warp to my own liking... a dream house if you will
  3. Travel more... anywhere really... but stay for a long time wherever it is to get a true sense of the culture.
  4. Obtain a playmate for James... probably through conventional means.
  5. Make six figures while working less hard.
  6. Increase quality time at home.
  7. Do more camping, canoeing and other woodsy stuff.
  8. Go whitewater rafting.
  9. Go to Burning Man in 2012.
  10. Actually start my cheesy business as an excuse to do crafts more often.
  11. Make a full set of dishes that is at least two times lighter than the last set I made.
  12. Go sailing for a while. Not that I know how to sail, but I enjoy the water and I don't get seasick.
  13. Finish my bizarre degree for the sake of having a bizarre degree (Arts Major, Specialization English, Biology Minor)
  14. ...


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